TweakBit PCSuite

TweakBit PCSuite

All-in-one system optimization solution with 20 clean-up and speed-up tools
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Recover disk space, get rid of unneeded files, defragment your disk and registry, manage your startup, tweak system settings, recover lost files, shred files for good, find duplicate files, handle your browsers’ add-ons, optimize your Internet navigation, uninstall apps, or speed up your system’s performance – TweakBit PCSuite has a tool to cover all of these needs, and even more.

As soon as you open the program, it launches a full scan of your system and offers you an overview of its state in terms of stability and speed, reporting issues that need fixing. It’ll also inform you about the amount of disk space taken up by useless and unneeded junk files – the only department in which the program’s trial version is capable of performing its magic for free.

If you want to know more about the state your system is in, you can go through the different tabs and check the list of system privacy threats your system is exposed to, the various tweaks the program can perform to boost up your PC’s efficiency and speed, specific adjustments for Windows 10 users, memory and processing speed optimization tools, a browser cleaner for all unnecessary add-ons, and a toolbox with nearly 20 tools whose functionality has been briefly summarized at the beginning of this review.

However, to find out if these tools really work or not for you and your computer, you will have to register and purchase the 3-month subscription. That’s right – the amount that appears on the website is not for a one-time payment, as the incomplete purchase information they offer might lead you to believe. Only when you reach the final stage of the payment process this time limitation is made evident, yet only in the fine print. Auslogics Labs Pty. Ltd.’s obscure purchase policy has been labeled as scammy and untrustworthy. The existence of an Australian company called simply Auslogics with a product called BoostSpeed that looks exactly the same as PCSuite (both in functionality and in interface design) doesn’t help. The latter clearly publishes all their contact details on their website, while the former’s are nowhere to be found. Only those brave enough to register their copy of PCSuite will know for sure if this product really performs as advertised or not. As it happens with many other so-called optimization tools, the tight limitations of the trial version make it impossible to tell a scam from a really useful tool.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • All-in-one solution
  • Includes 20 tools for comprehensive PC maintenance
  • Win 10 Tweaker for Windows 10 users
  • Fast scan processes


  • The trial version simply scans your PC and removes the junk files
  • Pricey - the price listed is for a 3-month suscription
  • Company and software accused of being untrustworthy
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